Drive Units

Yamaha pioneered the center drive electrically power assisted bicycle in 1993 and we've been continuously refining our industry leading technology ever since.

Drive Unit Types

Yamaha Power Assist Bicycles offers FIVE class-leading drive units: the PWSeries SE, PW-X, the recently released PW-X2 and the ALL-NEW PWSeries ST and PW-X3. All are center mount systems in which the drive unit and battery are secured close to the pedals to create a low center of gravity and outstanding weight balance for excellent riding stability.

PWSeries ST

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PWSeries SE

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Strong and Seamless Power That Feels Like an Extension of Your Body

Developed specifically for the next generation of YAMAHA e-MTBs, our ALL-NEW PW-X3 drive unit is the smallest, lightest and most powerful drive unit in our bicycle line. Producing higher performance with instant power delivery, the ultra-compact PW-X3 drive unit elevates the feeling of rider machine unity to a whole new level – an experience that YAMAHA calls "Pure Ride".


PWSeries ST

Tailored Technology Combining Power With Stable Control

The PWSeries ST features Yamaha's Quad Sensor System to deliver optimized assist levels for all riding conditions. Designed to accommodate high-cadence pedaling the PWSeries ST offers a broader assist range making it the all-round perfect drive unit. Whether you're on or off-road, the PWSeries ST delivers fun, exciting and enjoyable assisted power for all riders.


PWSeries SE

All-New Smooth and Powerful Design

The all-new PWSeries SE inherits the popular features and reliability of our first-generation PW motor and is aimed to win over the hearts of avid cyclists and everyday users. Integrated with a faster speed sensor as part of our rear hub which increases motor response timing to give you the most natural, organic assist feel.

We've also added Bluetooth® connectivity so you can pair it to an aftermarket cyclometer and we have increased the cadence support from 100 rpm to a faster 110 rpm.

PWSeries SE offers a pure, “natural assist” ride that’s smooth and powerful.

The center mount drive and triple sensor system delivers outstanding weight balance and an organic feel assist that constantly adjusts for torque, speed and crank rotation.

Combined with wide gear options and four power assist modes, you and your bike are united-as-one.



Pure Ride

Bringing reality in the form of "PURE RIDE" means that you can completely immerse yourself in the ride.

While delivering the fastest motor response to-date, we have taken out any possible interference between rider and machine by revising each and every component. The PW-X is our most powerful drive unit and remains exceptionally smooth with natural assist characteristics that let you forget it is even there.

PW-X is Yamaha's most powerful drive system to date, providing up to 80Nm of torque to meet the demands of a more aggressive ride.

PW-X Features & Benefits

  • Outer Size Comparison

    13% more compact design by volume

  • Hollow Axle Shaft & Drive Gear

    380g weight reduction

  • Motor Torque/RPM

    Strong power assist up to 120rpm

  • Drive Mode Comparison

    EXPW mode adds an exciting 5th power setting

  • Free Wheel Comparison

    Revised ratchet mechanism drastically reduce backlash

  • Drive Force Characteristic

    EXPW mode delivers fastest response to date



Your Passion. Our Power.

Yamaha's worldwide acclaimed flagship model, the PW-X, is reborn as the PW-X2, keeping the original "Pure Ride" concept of powerful and sharp pedaling response, and adding improved power support at the higher cadence range.

PW-X2 introduces new Automatic, MTB and Push support modes to Yamaha’s most powerful drive system to date, providing up to 80Nm of torque and cadence support up to 170rpm to meet the demands of a more aggressive ride.